Agata Błaszkiewicz (Director, People Services)


Last year, we were awarded the title of Best Employer 2017 by the consulting company AON. The award is given to companies that build the most engaging work environment resulting in staff loyalty, greater motivation and the desire to develop. Importantly, the main criterion for evaluating companies entered into the competition are the opinions of employees themselves. In the Unique Relations campaign we would like to present you 12 features, indicated by Colliers employees, for which they value our company. These are important qualities that staff themselves bring to the company! They create an environment that people want to work in, although each person is different, that we work in different positions and have distinct specialties and interests.

We invited our employees and their pets to participate in the campaign. Animals, just like people, have different characters and habits and yet they have a great ability to adapt to various situations. Often, they are the ones who bring out the best in us!

What do Colliers employees value the company for?

Sharing knowledge
Those who ask… learn and gain knowledge. Colliers staff often point out that regardless of who they ask, they always receive a useful answer. This is particularly appreciated by new and younger employees who are just learning to function in the real estate market or simply settling into a new job. By asking questions, they quickly gain new knowledge and skills, receive support from more experienced colleagues and become part of the team.

Development support
At Colliers, we advocate comprehensive development, which is why we give our staff the opportunity to expand their skills through internal trainings conducted by other employees and external trainings. Nothing, however, is as good for development as practice through working on various projects and tasks. Thanks to cooperation, employees at different levels learn from each other, also by helping others solve problems and sharing knowledge and experience.

Colliers employees have great freedom to act independently. They can carry out their tasks as they wish by taking responsibility for them. Besides very general boundaries, for example about maintaining high quality, we are not dogmatic about how tasks should be accomplished. This independence helps staff to develop and act on their own ideas, which is very much appreciated.

We are different – thankfully! This allows us to inspire each other, exchange views and broaden our horizons. Each of us is different, and therefore unique, and we can all be this way in the open and understanding work environment we have at Colliers.

We like to create, change and improve. We approach new solutions with optimism, including those proposed by staff. We think outside the box, an example of which is this campaign. Our employees have open minds, which creates great idea and unusual solutions.

This is a feature that was one of the most frequently mentioned in the survey. Recognising that every member of staff is a person who has emotions and needs is something that distinguishes us. We understand that we all have a private life that must be reconciled with professional life, which is sometimes not easy. We support our employees at all times – joyful times and those that are more difficult. An example of this support is the six additional days off for childcare that we give working parents. In this way, they don’t have to use vacation days for unplanned situations.

Mutual respect is the foundation stone of our relationships. Regardless of views or positions, we make sure that we see other employees first and foremost as people.

Colliers International is flexible in many dimensions, for example in terms of how tasks are accomplished and in working time. Every action or process should serve staff, clients and the company. We don’t place restrictions on ourselves by thinking conventionally. We always find a sensible solution tailored to the person or the situation.

Our employees want to work in a company with a good brand, that is valued by customers and staff and that guarantees high quality services and advice supported by knowledge and experience. It is also important for staff development to be surrounded by professionals, and there are plenty of them at Colliers.

Mutual support
We support each other not only professionally but also in private matters. At Colliers International, no one is alone with their problems. We always look for solutions together and we find them. This support and understanding makes it easier to get through difficult moments.

There are no impossible tasks – this is the attitude that our staff bring to their work! Their positive energy and willingness to act translate into a creative atmosphere. Younger employees, seeing the creative approach of older colleagues to new projects, learn proactiveness, initiative and independence, which is always welcomed at Colliers.

Good atmosphere
This is the feature that received the largest number of votes in the survey. It is made up of all the features above and many others. We work hard every day to create a good atmosphere, because the environment in which we work has a direct impact on our mood, attitude to others and how we perform. It’s nice to be in a place where people are kind to each other and respect and help each other. It’s also nice to break away from work and celebrate together or simply spend time in each other’s company in a more relaxed atmosphere. Working in a company where there is room for development but also for fun is a pleasure.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the traits for which staff value Colliers International is mutual support. In the Unique Relations campaign, we want to support animals from a chosen shelter who, thanks to their qualities, help us to be better people.